HAESL CMM Room & Machine


The Project

This turnkey project was installed and commissioned in Hong Kong for our customer Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL). The CMM room and the machines underwent a series of tests and commissioning in December 2013 and January 2014, proving to fulfill the requirements of the project.

Equipment Speicifications

The CMM room is built to Rolls-Royce MXS008 Measuring Room Thermal & Environmental Control Class 1 specifications. To facilitate ultimate measurement accuracy, the room temperature and environment are so carefully controlled that the temperature is maintained at 20°C (±1°C) with a temperature gradient of less than 0.5°C both per hour and per metre. The environmental status is directly linked to the HAESL Building Management System (BMS) which allows 24-hour monitoring with SMS notifications to facility duty staff.

The Best Solution for the Requirements

The CMM of working volume 2000(X)×3000(Y)×1500(Z) is equipped with a REVO 5-axes measuring system. The size of the machine caters for future XWB developments. Unlike the conventional touch-trigger probe measurement method, the REVO 5-axes technology uses the synchronised motion of the CMM and head axes. This technology minimises the machine’s dynamic errors at ultra-high measuring speeds without compensating the accuracy, giving a maximum acquisition rate of 4000 points/second and scanning speed of 500mm/second while maintaining a measuring accuracy of 3.3 + L/350µm.
The REVO scanning technique will improve the measuring productivity by more than 80%. The REVO scanning probe is interchangeable with the conventional touch-trigger probe that is currently used in HAESL,the Surface Finish Probe (SFP) and in future the optical non-contact REVO Vision Probe (RVP). With the SFP, the surface measurement capability could reach 2 to 250 micro inches. The machine also features an automatic probe changing system allowing a quick change in application or even the machine's functionality.