First Travelling Column Machine for Wah Son Engineering

Jebsen & Jessen Technology’s Industrial Services Division clinched their first partnership with SHW Werkzeugmaschinen to install its world-leading travelling column machine in Wah Son Engineering’s new facility in Seletar in January 2015.
The €1.4 million contract will equip Wah Son, which is a leading integrated manufacturer of customised, highcomplexity and medium-to-large precision tools, fixtures and structural equipment for the aerospace industry, with a robust, world-leading machine that is capable of processing of bulky and complex parts in a single setting.
SHW designs are incredibly flexible and precise over long travels. Its columns can travel from 3,000mm up to 40,000m horizontally, 1,600mm to 4,100mm vertically and to a headstock of 1,600mm. This makes SHW’s solutions ideal for tool construction as well as the made-to-order and batch production of mechanical engineering.
SHW adopts a modular system for complete, individually configurable solutions, making it possible to flexibly react to customers’ requirements. The clamping area for rigid and rotary tables can also be customised and the processing modules can be combined with variable table modules. This allows it to adjust its entire operational range precisely to each customer’s needs and also allows customers to benefit from its many years of experience. With SHW, customers are assured of a complete, component-specific solution that guarantees economical production.