2015 Aerospace Conference

Jebsen & Jessen Technology Singapore – Industrial Services successfully hosted the 2015 Aerospace Conference in Singapore at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, May 6. The seminar covered a wide range of topics in the aerospace industry, including grinding solutions, automated engine inspection cells, best practices in automated chemical cleaning lines and many more. 
Over 60 participants registered for the event, that’s a 30% increase in participants compared to 2009! Guests and participants of the seminar included aerospace engineers and business owners from MRO & Manufacturing sectors of the aerospace industry.
At the same time, the team used the conference as an opportunity to proudly launch their first ever independent product, the Automated Engine Inspection Cell (AEIC), which was a result of the hard work put in by our robotics team. The AEIC software will analyse the images captured by the robotic image scanning system, and then record them in the database as documents for inspectors to review and approve. During the product launch presentation, the audience was most interested in greater traceability and repeatability in the AEIC’s production processes which will translate to savings in the long run. 
“We were more than happy to have been able to provide an avenue for the participants, guests and speakers to interact and network. We would like to sincerely thank the participants and the distinguished speakers for making the conference such a successful and fruitful event,” shared Jeremy Chee, Regional Director of Jebsen & Jessen Technology – Industrial Services during his concluding remarks at the end of the conference.
Feedback from the participants indicated that they have learned about the industry best practices and latest technologies available in the market during the course of the conference. They even suggested that the conference should be an annual event. 
Here are some of the highlights of the conference:
During the conference, participants had the chance to consult field experts.
Maximilian Waizenegger from Hermle makes a presentation on Hard-to-cut Materials & Complex Geometries: Challenges involved in machining next generation aero-engine components.

David Drechsler from HAAS makes a presentation on Precise & Innovative Grinding Solutions for Repair & Manufacture of Turbine Components.

Invited Speakers set up booths with tools and brochures showcasing various new developments in aerospace technology.
Participants and speakers did not go home empty handed – they received a goody bag containing brochures and a wireless mouse from Jebsen & Jessen Technology Singapore.
Our very own speakers, Alex Chong and Larry Kee took this opportunity to launch our first ever independent product the Automated Engine Inspection Cell.
During the intervals of the conference, such as the tea breaks and lunch, participants and speakers got the chance to network and have discussions. 
After the conference , there was also a Cocktail Networking Reception at bar’75.